Rune's Particle System for POV-Ray released!

Oct 19, 2002 in ,
My particle system is finally released! You can use it in POV-Ray 3.5 to create all sorts of effects, like water, smoke, fire and sparks. The particle system comes complete with include file, documentation, and many sample scene files. You can download the system and also see animations of all the sample scene files here.
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Two new particle system animations with fire effects

Sep 8, 2002 in ,
I've put two new animations up in the animation gallery. They're both experiments in simulating fire with my particle system.
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Brand new webdesign and URL!

Jul 12, 2002 in ,
rune|vision July 2002 Brand new web site! Rune's World has changed into runevision and the new address is The design is also completely new. What do you think of it? Making web pages in ASP sure is much more fun than plain HTML...
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New particle system animations with explosions

May 20, 2002 in ,
Again I have used my particle system to create an explosion. I've improved the look of the smoke and fire in the explosion a lot, and in this animation I used a photo of a real building and added the explosion effect on top of that. Besides the fire, smoke and dust I also added debris and some damage to the building. You can see the result on my Animation Experiments page.
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New animation: Ripples

Apr 14, 2002 in ,
I've made a little test animation with ripples in water, that somewhat realistically interacts with objects in the water. You can see the result on my Animation Experiments page.
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Fast Sky code for POV-Ray.

Mar 19, 2002 in
I have made available some code for a fast rendering sky with shaded clouds using just four planes. Grab the file from my POV Goodies page.
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Lip Synch system for POV-Ray

Jan 20, 2002 in ,
I have made a lip synch system! You can use it to set up, pose and animate a mouth in a toony, yet convincing style. Many predefined phoneme and expression lip poses make it easy giving life to the mouth, and powerful weighted morphing techniques offer great control and precision. Get it on my Include Files page and see a demo animation for it on my Animation Experiments page.
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New animation: Al the Alien walking and turning

Jan 12, 2002 in ,
I've made a new animation with the walking system I'm working on. I've made a test where my character AL the Alien walks and stops and turns around. You can see it on my Animation Experiments page. I've also written a page with a little info about my particle system for those interested.
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