Maze Quest game released

Dec 19, 2001 in
I've made a little strategy game called MazeQuest, which has lots of POV-Ray 3d graphics. You can download it from here.
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Animation walking system for POV-Ray

Nov 5, 2001 in ,
I'm currently working on a new project: An animation walking system! When fed with the right data, it can automatically make something walk along a specified path. My first real test was making a spider crawl and you can see that animation on my Animation Experiments page.
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Fast Grass include file for POV-Ray

Sep 26, 2001 in
I've made a new include file for POV-Ray. The Fast Grass Include File lets you create textures that look like grass. Using some special tricks the grass appears to have depth even though the textures are flat.
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Source code for animations and new Electricity include file

Jun 26, 2001 in ,
I've had several requests for source code for the animations on my new Animation Experiments page. While I can't provide code for all of them, now I've at least provided the code for four of them. Enjoy! I've also added two new animations: A serious test of my particle system and an animation showcasing my new Electricity Include File - which is another addition to the site! Speaking of include files, I've taken down all the pages for my individual include files and instead made one Include Files page where all my include files are located. So please update your possible links! I've also created a Terms of use page - I hope you don't think it's too restrictive. If you have any questions about the terms you're welcome to contact me. Hey - you're always welcome to contact me! :)
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New Animation Experiments page

May 10, 2001 in ,
I've set up a new page in the 3D section: Animation Experiments. It's not finished pieces of work, but could be rather interesting anyway. Go see it, and tell me what you think! :)
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IK Leg source code for POV-Ray

Mar 29, 2001 in
I've explained how to make an IK leg in POV-Ray. Look on the POV Goodies page.
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New Image: Burn in Hell

Jan 28, 2001 in
"Burn in Hell" is the title of a new image I've made. Sounds a little crude? Check out the image in the 3D Gallery. I've also tried to make the pages look a little better with CSS-disabled browsers.
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New site name "Rune's World" and new 3D image

Jan 6, 2001 in , ,
"The RSJ Website" has changed name to Rune's World, but the address remains the same. The design is improved too. What do you think? I've also added a funny new image called "No More Chrome Spheres Please!" to the 3D Gallery.
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