Red and White (Othello) game released

Nov 1, 2004 in ,
Red and White is a new game I've made which is a computer version of the classic board game known as Reversi or Othello. Play it against a friend or one of three computer opponents!
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Two winners of IRTC both use my Fast Sky code

Oct 5, 2004 in
In June this year, quite unnoticed by me, the two images that won first and second place in the Internet Raytracing Competition both featured the Fast Sky from my POV-Ray Goodies page. Find the two great images in the Outside Gallery.
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Two new images in graphics gallery

Sep 8, 2004 in
I've added two new images to the Computer Graphics Gallery. One is a very simplistic image with an anti-slogan. The other is a drawing I've made. Yes, a drawing for once!
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New animation: Going Through The Wormhome Portal

Jul 3, 2004 in ,
My Animations page have been updated with the animation "Going Through The Wormhole Portal". It has some pretty nifty effects. Go see it! :)
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Two IRTC entries added to Outside Gallery

Apr 27, 2004 in
My Outside Gallery (featuring 3d images made by other people, but where a tiny little bit of influence from me can be found) is updated with two new IRTC images: "This is not a shark" by Thomas de Groot and "Europa" by Mike Lashbrook. Enjoy!
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Rune's Game Test updated for Game Maker 5.0

Apr 4, 2004 in
Rune's Game Test for Game Maker is now finally updated so that it works for Game Maker 5.0, as several people have requested.
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New animation: Hologram Projector

Mar 9, 2004 in ,
My Animations page have now been updated with one more animation "Hologram Projector". Have a look! :)
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New animation: The Tentacle Dance

Mar 7, 2004 in ,
My Animations page have been updated with the animation "The Tentacle Dance". Go see it! :)
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The story of the POV-Ray logo

Feb 27, 2004 in
POV-Ray is the 3D-program I use. POV-Ray have a nice and stylish logo, but it has not always been that way. A new section on runevision called POV-Ray Logo Contest tells the story of the POV-Ray logo.
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Maze Raiders student game

Jan 29, 2004 in
Maze Raiders is a fun two-player game I've made together with three other persons. You need to sit two persons by the same computer to play the game. The object of the game is to run around in a maze and collect more gold coins than your opponent, and to shoot him and steal his coins. Beat your friends and have fun! :D Get the game here.
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