New webdesign portfolio page

Dec 3, 2003 in ,
The multimedia section has been expanded with a new page dedicated to webdesign, which showcases a few websites I have designed over the years.
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Two new animations

Sep 28, 2003 in , ,
I've made two new animations. "Tunnel Ride" is a ride through a sparsely lit underground tunnel on fragile rails and with glowing blue crystals everywhere. "Infinite Menger Sponge" is, as the name says, an animation that keeps zooming in on an infinite menger sponge. Source code is available for both of these animations.
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New Computer Graphics Gallery

Jul 25, 2003 in
I've put up a new Computer Graphics Gallery. It's not very big yet, but some of the images there have a kind of personal touch not found in my 3D Graphics Gallery. Go have a look. :) Update: The Computer Graphics Gallery has later been merged with the 3D Graphics Gallery.
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New Outside Gallery

Jun 24, 2003 in ,
I've put up an Outside Gallery. It's a gallery featuring 3d images made by other people, but where a tiny little bit of influence from me can be found.
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