Locomotion System 0.9.4 out now

Mar 19, 2009 in
The Locomotion System has been released in a new version. It is available for download at the Unity website:

Go To Locomotion System

The new version has several improvements and bug fixes that prevents some problems that some people were experiencing, and which make the motion smoother in certain cases. It also has a new scene file for improved visualization of the motion curves that are automatically analyzed by the system.
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Locomotion System at GDC 2009 update

The Game Developers Conference 2009 is very close now and I will be doing a 60-minute lecture in the Programming track on the subject of:

Dynamic Walking with Semi-Procedural Animation
(Follow the link to see the session description on the GDC website.)

Time: Friday (March 27, 2009), 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Room 2018, West Hall
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Unity 2.5 released for Mac and Windows

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Version 2.5 of the Unity game engine and authoring tool has finally been released and is now for the first time available on Microsoft Windows too.

Unity is the engine I've used to develop the Locomotion System with. Unity is gaining popularity like mad these days and has been used for so many cool games for Mac, Windows, web browsers, iPhone, and Wii.

Besides Windows authoring support, Unity 2.5 primarily bring improvements to the authoring tool, including a fully customizable tabbed interface and improved support for creating custom editor windows.

I also work for Unity Technologies now, and we'll be proud to show off Unity at GDC 2009. We'll be in booth #5110 in the North Hall.
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