Locomotion System GDC 2009 Slides

Mar 31, 2009 in ,
My lecture at GDC about my Locomotion System went really well I think. I've had some requests for the slides, and they're available here:

Dynamic Walking with Semi-Procedural Animation (PDF, 16 MB)

Note that the presentation included quite a few videos which are not in the above slides, so a few points may not come properly across if you did not see the presentation at GDC.

GDC may at some point make a recording of the slides available, complete with audio. I don't know if that would also include the videos I presented. I'm not so sure of the details. If anybody finds out, please let me know!


alexjc said...

I was there, great talk!

How did you produce all your videos? Those curves looked cool :-)


Rune Skovbo Johansen said...

@Alex: Thanks!

The visualizations with curves and stuff were made in Unity, the same engine I implemented the Locomotion System in. The visualizations access the analyzed data from the Locomotion System directly and just draws it in a nice way.

epathchina said...

Maybe you can try some video recorders,I think.

esaleschina said...

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