Google really wants my resume

Mar 9, 2012 in ,
I just got this mail from one of the Google AI organizers:


Thanks for taking part in the latest AI Challenge. I hope you enjoyed it!

Since you ranked in the top 100, Google really wants to see your resume (curriculum vitae). If you want to be contacted by a Google recruiter, send me a quick reply letting me know.

I will put in a good word for anybody who is interested. With more than 7000 entries in the final tournament, ranking in the top 100 is a serious achievement. I was really impressed by the skill of all the top-ranking bots.

If you are unsure, my advice is to go for it. It's a wonderful opportunity if you love figuring out tough problems and writing awesome code. Your recruiter will be happy to answer any questions you have!

I'm not unsure though. With my 4th place I guess I'd be high on their want list, but I'm happy with my job at Unity. I'll apply my "love for figuring out tough problems and writing awesome code" there instead. :)

By the way; sorry for never getting around to writing part 2 and 3 of the explanation of my bot. After seeing how the announcement of the winners got practically no attention anywhere I got a bit demotivated. You can still download the source though and see how it's done, and if you have any questions, just ask.

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Adam Thompson said...

Congrats on 4th place, what an achievement. Also a C# and Unity standout.

For what it's worth, I love what you're doing at Unity; I'm working with the LocomotionSystem and the code blows me away. I imagine you're doing a lot more, too. Thank you.