Maze Raiders: Good Old Two-Player Fun

Aug 4, 2010 in ,
Maze Raiders is a two-player game I made together with three other people back in 2004. You need to sit two persons by the same computer to play the game.

Screenshot: menu screenScreenshot: jungle maze

The objective of the game is to run around in a maze and collect more gold coins than your opponent, and to shoot him and steal his coins. The game sports randomly generated mazes each time you play to keep it fresh. There's two different scenarios - jungle and pyramid. It's classic local two-player fun!

Screenshot: pyramid mazeScreenshot: status screen

Though we were all game design novices, we managed to balance the rules to make for a frantic game that just keeps being fun to go back to. When all coins in a maze are collected you have one minute to try to steal coins from your opponent. During this time the player with fewer coins moves faster than the other player. It's just enough that it's not too late to change the tides, and it makes for a panicked final chase before the time runs out, sometimes with the roles switching multiple times.

Play Maze Raiders
(Requires Shockwave Player plug-in)

In 2004 when the game was made there was no indie game movement to speak of so we had nowhere to announce the game - particularly a game of such a small scope. All we could do was submit it to software distribution services like Tucows and FilePlanet. Ha, things sure have changed since then! I thought I'd take this opportunity to put the game online and let others know about it. Enjoy!

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