My 3rd Person Shooter on Kongregate

Dec 22, 2010 in , ,
OMG the 3rd Person Shooter demo I made in the beginning of the year has ended up on popular web games portal Kongregate. The game has had 20,000 plays so far and counting and has a rating of over 4.1 out of 5. I'm totally flattered. :D

UPDATE: Kongregate took down the demo after enough other Unity games had been submitted that the demo was not needed to demonstrate Unity anymore.

I made the demo at work at Unity back in the beginning of 2010 to demonstrate various animation techniques, and I ended up making it into an actual game (albeit a small one). Since then it has been possible to play it on the Unity website. The demo was based on a tech demo that Paulius Liekis and I did for a presentation about animation techniques at Unite '09.

So the reason it ended up on Kongregate: Kongregate, which used to host only Flash games, has just announced that they have opened up for Unity games too (and they're having a grand Unity Game Content to kick it off!). They wanted to show their users a simple demonstration of just how great things can be made with Unity, and they picked this Unity demo for that purpose.

So - a little known fact is that I did the voice work for this demo; totally unprofessionally too, but it brings a lot of humor to the game. Reading the comments from users on Kongregate, it seems that it's appreciated. :D

A lot of the comments a very positive or out right hilarious. A few examples:

"Takes long to load, but definately worth it. 5/5"

"Wait... This is an actual 3-D game, without lag... And it's not one of those ones with just 3D sprites and whatnot... YES!... YES!... THIS IS DELICIOUS!"

"Cant wait for the sequel Unity demo 2: Better run! and the spin-off game "how do I get behind it?" and don't forget the T.V gameshow "YEAH, Ha Ha, Take THAT!""

"ZOMG!!! love the voice"

"should i pull out my second gun to shoot it with? nooo! why would i do that?"

"lol i love the voice acting :)"

"WOOT! I lost in no fail mode! Robot sploded on my head +)"

"i like the ragdoll physics unity 3d has (this and dead frontier) its fun i killed it on medium ran towards it and BOOM i went flying"

"This. Is. So. Mother. Freaking. Awesome."

"AMAZING Graphics! I Have To Say 5/5 I'm Gonna Devo For This ;)"

"This is actually real?!?! Oh my God the graphics..."

"This game could change the history of kongregate. 3D games Zero lag."

"best graphics on kongregate ever"

"R.I.P. Flash 'Nuff said?"

"BOOOM!sorry that was just my BRAIN exploding from awesome!!!!!!"

I'm famous! Well, except the thing was not posted in my name so nobody will know. Oh well. :P


Chris Paulson said...

Don't worry, as far as I'm concerned you are famous and your contribution to gaming animation is noted.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Chris. I remember seeing your locomotion system video on Youtube late one night and instantly thought to myself "Who is this guy?...."

Congratulations on this achievement.

Rune Skovbo Johansen said...

Thanks guys. :)