The Big Forest

I've been continuing my work on the procedural terrain project I wrote about here. I added grass, trees and footstep sounds (crucial!) and it's beginning to really come together as a nice forest to spend some time in.

I made a video of it here. Enjoy! If you want to learn more about it, have a look at this thread on the procedural generation subreddit.


Valthaer said...


What alghoritm is better to generate a mixture of scattered trees and forests?. Actually i am generating a few forests (a bunch of trees agrouped randomly) and also a few more randomly. I only use steepness as cutting value for set or not a tree, but the result is not very natural.


Rune Skovbo Johansen said...

Hi Valthaer,

It's a good question. I actually just use a noise function and place trees where it's above a certain threshold value. This means there aren't a lot of scattered or lonely trees in my demo. Where there is, it's usually because they happened to land on a small flat spot where the immediate surroundings are too steep to grow on.

There may still be a bit of effect of having scattered trees some places. I think this is just due to Perlin noise including noise at multiple frequencies, and combined with the threshold, this can sometimes produce some very small "spots" of trees.

Valthaer said...

Thx Rune!

I will try perlin noise for the scattered insteand of random method., Indeed a clustered(forests) groups and a perlin noise map for the rest of the map.